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The 2006 100 Best Products's Best Security/Privacy Add-on 2010-2011
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Stable AMO Version, see changelog for details.

Supported browsers: Firefox, SeaMonkey, Tor Browser (where it is built-in).
Other browsers based on Gecko versions >= 45 might work, but are not tested.

Mobile Version

If you want to test NoScript 3 alpha mobile version (compatible with Firefox for Android), you can find it at the NoScript Anywhere mini-site.

Direct download

You can get latest stable version here, too, using this direct download link for NoScript 5.0.10
To install, just drag and drop it onto your address bar.

If you find any problem installing it, this FAQ may help.

Users of Firefox 44 and below are urged to upgrade their very unsafe browser. For those few who can't,

Development version

If you're brave enough and you need a specific feature or fix not released yet, or you simply want to provide feedback before official release, you may want try this
development build.

IMPORTANT: if you're using Firefox 57 you'll need to open about:config and turn the extensions.legacy.enabled preference to true, otherwise the browser will refuse to install Noscript.
NoScript is currently a Hybrid WebExtension, and therefore won't install on Firefox 57 pre-releases without this trick. Before Firefox 57 is released in the stable channel, a pure WebExtension NoScript will be available an you'll be automatically migrated to it.

Recent development history:

v 5.0.10rc4
x [Regression] Fixed infinite redirect loops on some sites as
  soon as allowed
x [Regression] Restored accidentally erased default whitelist

v 5.0.10rc3
x Fixed some moz-webextension: subrequests blocked in content
  blocking mode
- Removed whitelist and surrogate references to

v 5.0.10rc2
x [Seamonkey] Fixed status bar visibility regression (thanks
  Mc for reporting)

v 5.0.10rc1
x [Nightly] Fixed various XSS filter UI breakages
x [Nightly] Patched deprecated usages of nsIURI.path
x [XSS] Fixed false positive on (thanks Robby
  Stokoe for reporting)
x [Surrogate] New tracker surrogate (thanks barbaz)


If you find something wrong about NoScript, read the FAQ page and/or let me know: I'll try to fix it as soon as I can.

You can also discuss about NoScript on this Forum.

Have your safest browsing experience!

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