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Installation / Usage

Why can't I see the NoScript icon anywhere in the browser?

On Chrome/Chromium, you most likely still need to pin NoScript to the browser toolbar. You can do it by clicking the generic extension icon there and select the NoScript entry for pinning.

The same goes for a fresh install of the Tor Browser, where the developers decided to hide NoScript's icon and let you rely on the "Security Level" widget (the shield icon): if you need finer control through NoScript interface, just use either the keyboard shortcuts or the contextual menu on any page, or add the icon by right-clicking the toolbar and selecting the Customize Toolbar menu item.

Otherwise, if you're browsing in a Private/Incognito window (or you've set your browser to do it by default), please open the Extensions Manager and double check you've allowed NoScript to run in Private/Incognito mode.


Why does NoScript forget my settings whenever I restart the browser?

This is expected only for per-site customizations and only if you're browsing in a Private/Incognito window (or you've set your browser to do it by default), or if you're using the Tor Browser. In those cases, NoScript only allows temporary per-site customizations, kept in volatile memory and "forgot" when you quit the browser, in order to preserve your privacy by never saving your site-specific preferences permanently.

Another reason why NoScript's and other extensions' settings may get wiped off is some "privacy" software messing with the browser's storage, like already happened in the past with CCleaner and others: if you find that's the case, please let us and the software's maker know.


Why does "Set all on this page to temporarily TRUSTED" need to be repeated sometimes?

The Set all on this page to temporarily TRUSTEDSet all on this page to temporarily TRUSTED__ icon command affects all the active content sources which are currently present in the page. If some of the scripts that you've just allowed in the first pass loads new active content resources from different sites not seen yet, you will need to issue the command again for those items which are still set to DEFAULT.


Is there any way to donate different than Paypal?

Yes, definitely. If you prefer not to donate via Paypal (USD / EUR), you can email Giorgio Maone to arrange for a Bitcoin transaction or a EUR/USD wire transfer.